Fab Female Friday: Tiffany Taylor

Fab Female Friday


Guest Blogger – Amanda Kennedy served as a Girl Up intern in 2013.

Cheers to Tiffany Taylor, the new Youth Observer at the United Nations. This month, Tiffany will get the opportunity of a lifetime – to be part of the United Nations General Assembly and report on her experiences.

Tiffany has spent her life not only aiming high for herself, but also helping to improve the lives of those around her. From Gulfport, Miss., Tiffany attended the University of Chicago where she graduated at the top of her class with not one, not two, but three majors: Political Science, Economic Sociology, and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies. Tiffany is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology and Global Health at Columbia University.

Recently, Zeenat Rahman, Special Adviser on Global Youth Issues at the State Department, interviewed Tiffany on her experiences and new role. From one Fab Female to another, let’s hear what they had to say:

Zeenat Rahman: What global challenge are you most passionate about?
Tiffany: This is a very hard question as there are so many global challenges! However, my main focus is on ending poverty amongst women because women make up the majority of those in poverty.

Zeenat: How can technology impact some of our most pressing global challenges?
Tiffany: Technology is a fascinating way of getting information around to people quickly – even the average teenager, with the use of internet, can become a blogger and voice their concerns on global issues.

Zeenat: In what areas do you think youth can contribute to have the most impact?
Tiffany: I think youth can contribute greatly to their communities by staying up to date on local/national/and international news to be an informed and educated citizen. So many youth are also so technologically savvy and know how to make a tool for voicing concerns on global issues.

Zeenat: What do you hope to accomplish in your year as US Youth Observer?
Tiffany: I really hope to be a trusted ally amongst youth. I want youth to feel that they can share with me their concerns on global issues so that I may effectively represent what youth care about!