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  1. Girl Up Commits to Strengthening Young Feminist Leadership at Generation Equality Forum

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  2. Standing Up for Myself is a Form of Activism

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  3. 5 girls cross street one after other facing forward with their teen adviser shirt on

    2021 Girl Up Leadership Summit FAQs

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  4. Menstruation Shouldn’t Hold Anyone Back. Period.

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  5. Reflection on STEM & Sports

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  6. Say It Like It Is: Menstrual Poverty in Latin American Countries

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  7. Project Adhikaar

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  8. World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021

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  9. To End Period Stigma, We Need Men and Boys to Be Part of The Solution

    Thorsten Kiefer is the co-founder and CEO of WASH United, the non-profit organization that initiated and coordinates Menstrual Hygiene Day, the global day of action that occurs annually on May 28. Thorsten is driven by the vision of a world in which no one is held back from achieving their full potential and realizing their dreams because they menstruate.

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  10. In Conversation with Desirée Pais

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  11. 4 teen girl advisor looking at each oteh rand smile and have their hand around each other back

    Girl Up at the UN: Club Members Join World Leaders on the Global Stage

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  12. Girl Up Leader Selin’s Statements at 65th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

    Girl Up Club Leader and HeForShe Advocate Selin, from Turkey, shared her experience traveling across Turkey with HeForShe trying to bring her peers, including boys, into the feminist movement as well as her work to break the taboos and stereotypes around the meaning behind gender equality.

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  13. My Experience in GEF and ECOSOC Youth Forum

    Girl Up Venezuela Founder & President Laura took the stage at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum, an annual initiative of the President of the Council, as well as the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico City. She calls for more diversity within those represented at the Generation Equality Forum to ensure full inclusivity in decision-making.

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  14. Girl Up Leader Selin’s Statements at ECOSOC Youth Forum

    Girl Up Leader Selin, from Turkey, shares the importance of a multi-pronged approach to ending child marriage in her home country, highlighting the mental health crisis that has been worsened by COVID-19, and calls on governments to do more to include youth in the decision-making process, rather than symbolically considering their needs.

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  15. Reflections of a Young Feminist Lost in Mexico

    Girl Up Leader Giovanna, from Brazil, shares her first-hand experience attending the event and urges the group to include more youth younger than 22, and to use social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok to engage a broader youth audience.

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  16. Salomé Beyer 2019-2020 Teen Advisors (very close headshot) with her smiley face facing to the camera, and her left hand touching her hair

    Girl Up Teen Advisor Salome’s Statement at Generation Equality Forum in Mexico City

    2020-2021 Girl Up Teen Advisor Salome from Colombia shares her thoughts on how governments and the private sector must do more to address gender equality from a systemic, intersectional lens.

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  17. In Conversation With Daisy Bamberger

    Multi-Division National Boxing Champion Daisy Bamberger has her sights set on the 2024 Olympics, but being an Olympic gold medalist is not the only thing driving this star teen athlete.

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  18. Period Education is Vital to Ending Period Poverty & Improving Health

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  19. Support for India

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  20. Building Milestones and Bridging Distances

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  21. My Personal Experience at the CSW65 as a Peruvian Activist

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  22. In Conversation With Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

    Although MUSLIMGIRL.COM may no longer be a “little blog” and founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh may no longer be a high school teenager creating content from her New Jersey bedroom, its quest to amplify young Muslim women voices, diversify their representation in the mainstream media, and create a more inclusive world is far from over.

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  23. My Girl Up Journey

    Kiana is a high school senior from Orange County, California!

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  24. Anonymous Is A Woman

    Nina Ansary is an award-winning Iranian-American author, historian, and women's rights advocate.

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  25. The Women’s March & The History Made During the 2020 Election

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  26. 5 Questions with Sia Nowrojee

    As the Senior Director of Global Community, Sia leads the Program team to support Girl Up’s global community, develop and deliver high quality programs to the community, and strengthen links to global advocacy on gender equality.

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  27. Girl Up Regional Leaders Reflect on 2020

    Learn how 2020 Girl Up Regional Leaders activated during the global pandemic!

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  28. A Giant Leap for Women's Leadership

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  29. Beijing, Backlash, and a Big Year Ahead for the Global Gender Equality Movement

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  30. Meet Girl Up’s 2020 Regional & Coalition Leaders

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  31. The Importance of Having Women Role Models in STEM

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  32. Pacific Coast Regional Leaders S.T.E.A.M Into Action

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  33. Products that Give Back

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  34. Thank You For Raising Your Voice

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  35. Writer/Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes, #metoo Founder Tarana Burke, Activist Dolores Huerta to Be Honored for Work on Gender Equality at 3rd Girl Up #GirlHero Awards

    Girl Up honors activists at #GirlHero Awards, hosts virtual conversations on what’s next in the fight for equality with TV Personality and Girl Up Champion Nigel Barker to Co-Host

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  36. 5 Pieces We Love from the Girl Up Collection

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  37. 3 different ethnic girls wearing pink girl power t-shirt and smile and looking at each other

    Ways to Get Involved with Girl Up for International #DayoftheGirl

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  38. Girl Up Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Advancing Gender Equality

    Girls Equal Change Campaign to recognize a decade of worldwide social impact and 75,000 girl leaders trained

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  39. We’re Committed to Equity

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  40. Writing a Book to Honor My Grandmother

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  41. WiSci Girls STEAM Camp participants at a computer.

    WiSci Morocco Virtual STEM Experience

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  42. The State of Gender Equality in Turkey

    Girl Up Club Member Selin from Turkey shares her #ChallengeAccepted

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  43. 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit with Amelia

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  44. Mrs. Obama Shares Special Message with the Girl Up Summit

    Annual global summit, presented by P&G, brings together young leaders and equality activists to build their skills as changemakers

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  45. Justice for Magui

    Salome Beyer is a 2020-2021 Girl Up Teen Advisor Co-Chair from Colombia.

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  46. Girl Up To Expand Its Leadership Summit for Young Activists

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  47. a group picture of girl up girls have their hand around each other's back in front of the Summit event board

    2020 Leadership Summit FAQs

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  48. Girl Up Announces 2020-2021 Class of its Teen Advisory Board

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  49. Leveling the Playing Field

    Director of Programs & Impact Bailey Leuschen reflects on how she tries to level the playing field in sports and gender equality on and off the field

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  50. The Shadow Pandemic: How the COVID-19 Crisis is Exacerbating Gender Equality

    Reposted from the United Nations Foundation blog by Vice President for Girls & Women Strategy Michelle Milford Morse and Policy Fellow Grace Anderson

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  51. Joint Statement from Women Working in Global Development on COVID-19


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  52. Girl Talk Virtual Panel Series

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  53. What's Up, Girl Up? - Part II

    We know you loved our recent stories from girls around the world during these unprecedented times, so we have some more from the Girl Up Community!

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  54. What’s Up, Girl Up?

    The spread of the coronavirus has turned life upside down, almost overnight, for millions of people around the world. Being a teenager is complicated even without a global pandemic in the mix, and we wanted to know what it feels like to be a teen at this particular moment in time — navigating a new reality of remote schoolwork, lots of family time, and a ton of uncertainty about what happens next.

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  55. 9 Fiction Books to Help Your Start a Feminist Book Club

    It's time to get your read on!

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  56. What Happens to Gender Equality in a Global Pandemic?

    I’m all about action. I know you all are too. So what in the world do we do?

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  57. 5 teen advisors girl have their hand around each other back and use their hand to make a heart hand shape

    The 5 Best Girl Up Resources to Keep the Movement Going!

    We’ve rounded up some of our favorite go-to online educational resources for Girl Up Club members to work on during their virtual Club meeting or individually!

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  58. Take A Virtual Field Trip with Your Girl Up Club

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  59. Free Online Tools to Connect with Your Girl Up Club

    We’ve rounded up the best FREE online tools to host an online club meeting, a virtual event, or even a movie night!

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  60. A special message from Executive Director Melissa Kilby on COVID-19

    Read our statement here

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  61. A Reflection on Civil Rights

    Without these heroic men and women who worked to audaciously defy the normalized injustices of their time, the landmark rights that so many of us have the privilege of taking for granted would ultimately cease to exist.

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  62. Dear Girl Up: A Tribute.

    My love letter to Girl Up has taken me 6 years to write (6 and a half, if you’re really counting).

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  63. Women's march

    2020 Women’s March: Girl Up Clubs March For Gender Equality

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  64. Annie Ma working in a lab with her lab cloth

    Celebrating Girls in STEM

    I realized gender inequality in STEM results in part from the lack of female presence. Too often, the voices presenting onstage or narrating scientific videos are male; girls don’t picture themselves as scientists.

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  65. a woman is talking with 3 girl up girls in the pictures and the girls are wearing WiSci t-shirt in the centre is Becca Bean Teen Advisor Alumna and playing attention to the conversation

    Pressing Reset at WiSci Estonia 2019

    Serving as a counselor at WiSci wasn’t an easy or restful experience, by any means, but it left me feeling reset for the future.

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  66. 7 girls take group pictures with the WiSci girl STEAM camp standing poster

    Changing the Mind & Heart: My WiSci Estonia Experience

    The Camp involved two firsts for me. It was the most productive camp time I’ve ever had and the most pleasurable stay in international surroundings that I can remember.

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  67. 3 girls on their business suit (Photoshoot)

    Theory Announces Giving Tuesday Partnership with Girl Up to Support Girl Leaders Worldwide

    Theory, a fashion company based in New York and part of the Fast Retailing portfolio, marks Giving Tuesday with a generous donation and encourages customers to help support by donating 10% of proceeds on the day to Girl Up, a global initiative of the United Nations Foundation

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  68. Leadership Summit UK Banner

    Girl Up Leadership Summit: United Kingdom Is Back For 2nd Year

    The 2nd annual Leadership Summit will bring together business leaders, authors, and activists from across the United Kingdom.

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  69. Noble Panacea announces global launch & partnerships with TerraCycle & Girl Up

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  70. Cara Delevingne, Kate Hudson And Jameela Jamil To Be Honored At Girl Up #GirlHero Awards

    Every day, women are using their platform to shed light on these issues, and girls are breaking barriers at the grassroots level.

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  71. #girlhero graphic design with 3 different colors of girls faces

    4 #GirlHeroes Fighting For Gender Equality

    Whether it’s testifying to combat child marriage or providing safe spaces for sexual assault survivors, these #girlheroes are fighting for gender equality and smashing the patriarchy in their communities.

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  72. 4 teen advisors girls have a hand around each other shoulder and laughing and looking at each other

    9 Years of Girl Power... and We're Just Getting Started

    9 years of girl power, 108 months of international activism, 469 weeks of relentlessly chipping away at the patriarchy!

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  73. a little girl trying to stand up still on her float board

    To be Feminine is to be Sporty, to be Feminine is to be Strong

    When I am confronted with situations where someone attempts to challenge my capabilities as a woman, I draw on the techniques I learned from sports.

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  74. Cotton On Foundation Announces Partnership with Girl Up, A United Nations Foundation Initiative

    The Cotton On Foundation is thrilled to be taking the story about our work and mission to the world through the Social Good Summit. Our partnership with Girl Up allows us to further build on the work we are doing to break down the barriers that girls face in accessing quality education.

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  75. two girls picture with "steminist" shirt in front of the white broad

    Girl Up Klein Collins Hosts Houston Girls Code Camp

    Not only did our camp provide girls access to STEM in a fun way, it exposed girls to valuable skills and new possibilities, creating STEMinists and advocates for other young girls in our community.

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  76. Munira Alimire taking picture with a speaker in front of the girl up borad

    5 Tips for the Girl Up Leadership Summit

    Over 450 participants from around the world coming together to celebrate what it means to be a girl, and also acknowledging what strides we have yet to make in the fight for gender equality.

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  77. 4 teen advisors are sitting on the stairs and looking back to facing up for the picture.

    3 Things to Expect at the Girl Up Leadership Summit

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  78. a group picture of girl up girls have their hand around each other's back in front of the Summit event board

    Leadership Summit Speakers I Can’t Wait to See

    Whether they are activists, athletes, businesswomen, or political leaders; with an abundance of perspectives, the Summit offers the opportunity to hear from global experts on women’s and girls’ empowerment.

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  79. 3 girl up girls wearing girl up teen advisor t-shirt

    Girl Up Announces the 10th Class of its Global Teen Advisory Board

    Girl Up has announced the 10th class of its Teen Advisory board, a group of 24 high school students who share the common goal of creating change to advance global gender equality.

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  80. 4 people appear in the picture; they are sitting down. a boy sitting in the middle among other girls and they all smile and facing straight on the picture

    #demachosaHOMBRES at the 2019 Leadership Summit: Mexico

    Despite all the difficulties that we had, and the fact that it was just two people from our Club, we did attend the Summit and I do not regret doing it, because it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

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  81. (close angle) Campbell Kelsey is wrestling with other athletes

    What It’s Like to be a Female Athlete

    While I have had success, I would not categorize myself even on in their percentile. I have competed in the Olympics, winning the last two United States Olympic Trials.

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  82. girl up group picture with smile wearing teen adviser shirt

    11-Year-Old Adult: A Poem

    I am an eleven-year-old adult. Stripped of my childhood by my refugee status.

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  83. a group of girls playing Flagfootball with boys

    Los Deportes No Tienen Género

    In Girl Up PAF we consider that motor skills can be developed with experience, which means you are not necessarily born with them.

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  84. (half body hot) Zoe Heath with her pride shirt and right hand holding a paper and speaking in front of the standing microphone

    Age is a Just Number: Running for Office at 19

    Finishing my freshman year, I was excited to learn about Girl Up. As I read more about it, I was ecstatic that a teenager like myself could actively participate in making a difference.

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  85. 4 Girl Up girls with a different ethnic group holding their head and laying in front of the capitol in DC

    H&M Donates $200,000 To Girl Up

    H&M USA will be supporting Girl Up in their mission of empowering young women who defend gender equality.

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  86. Former NFL Player Wade Davis Tackles Gender Equality with Girl Up

    Ex-professional athlete rallies boys and men to join the fight to empower girls around the world!

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  87. a collage of different graphic posters of girl empowerment with light color backgrounds

    Curating Your Girl Up Bookshelf

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  88. Group of 5 Girls holding a STEM toolkit book

    Beyond the Buzzword: When Aiming for Inclusivity, Diversity Is Not Enough

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  89. girl up club girl is doing an exhibition with a table of a poster of what Girl Up club do, and she is holding an Instagram sign "women's expo" smile facing to the front

    From Girl Up to the ‘Real World’

    The moment I received my diploma, along with a whispered “congratulations,” appeared to be the finish line – a symbol of not just academic achievement, but of personal development that was hard to fathom.

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  90. girls Group picture in Pink-Parliament stage

    The Pink Parliament

    On January 17th, 2019, Girl Up Monterrey organized the first Parlamento Rosa (Pink Parliament), which took place in the Congress of Nuevo León.

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  91. wwe-and-girl-up forum (5 people on the stage) WWE Superstar Charlotte is holding a mic facing to the front

    What I Learned about Gender and Sports

    On Saturday, January 26, 2019, Girl Up and WWE held a Sports for a Purpose forum bringing together youth in the greater Phoenix, AZ area to come up with action items to address gender equity in sports.

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  92. a group picture of girls who attend the BNY event

    The Stories of STEM for Social Good

    When you participate in Girl Up’s STEM for Social Good programming, you’ll be joining together with a like-minded community of STEMinists who are passionate about creating innovative solutions to problems facing their community and our world.

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  93. two Girl Up girls working on a STEM project with their computer (WiSci Summit)

    WiSci STEAM Camp FAQs

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  94. 3 girl up girls wearing girl up teen advisor t-shirt

    Teen Activism: Surviving and Embracing It

    I never considered myself as an activist, mainly because the image that formed into my mind when thinking about activism was of women holding their hands and taking the streets with posters. Then, I joined Girl Up and all of the sudden people started calling me a teen activist.

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  95. Fatimata teen advisor (girl up shirt) pose the superwoman pose for the summit picture (blue backgroup)

    4 Things I’m Looking Forward to with Girl Up in 2019

    As a Girl Up Teen Advisor, I have been given access to opportunities that I would not have otherwise and for that I am grateful.

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  96. Eva teen advisor (wearing Girl Up shirt) pose the superwoman pose for the summit (back group is blue)

    How I Raised Over $10,000 for Refugee Girls’ Education in Uganda

    Start with a goal, make it achievable and think big! Brainstorm a ton of ideas with your entire club to reach this goal. The possibilities are unlimited.

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  97. 3 girls and 1 boy pose for the picture in Africa

    The Importance of Education for Refugee Girls

    Uganda welcomes an influx of South Sudanese, Rwandan, and Congolese who have suffered the unthinkable, left everything behind and trusted their fate to the compassion of their fellow global citizens.

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  98. 6 girls wearing red and pose for their selfie

    Why We Have to Advocate for Gender Equality in China

    In hard reaching places like the countryside and minority groups, girls at a younger age are suffering from son preference, child marriage, teen pregnancy, lack of self-confidence, and many more challenges.

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  99. a girl up girl picture in front of the Teen Vogue sign

    What I Took Away From the 2018 Teen Vogue Summit

    I was blown away by all the powerful speakers, including Serena Williams, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Terry Crews, Storm Reid, Lana Condor, Deja Foxx, Naomi Wadler, and Girl Up Champion: Cara Delevigne. Each speaker brought a unique perspective to help attendees and viewers create change.

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  100. two Uganda girls with hand on each other's arm and smile to the camera inside the classroom

    Why I Fundraise for Refugee Girls in Uganda

    Girl Up funded programs through UNHCR (the United Nations’ refugee agency) ensures girls are able to see a classroom in their lifetime and have the chance to just be a girl.

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  101. a group of WWE women clapping for the winner on the stage

    Girl Up Club Leaders Attend WWE Evolution

    The panel started discussing how sports have had an impact on their overall growth and development, and why it is such an important thing for any girl to have in their life regardless of any factor, because there is always a sport that one can do.

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  102. (close shot) with a girl's hand holding on a phone and the phone appear #metoo

    The Handbook to End Sexual Harassment

    In January 2018, when Doctor Luo Qianqian reported abuse by her supervisor, Chen Xiaowu, on social media many more #MeToo stories went public.

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  103. Leena teen advisor (girl up shirt)pose for the picture with her Hijab on (blue background)

    The Importance of Girl Up in the Middle East

    Gender inequality is present in the Middle East because of cultural norms, and it must stop not only for the betterment of the women, but for the progression of the entire region.

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  104. (long shot) 5 different ethnic girls in the picture holding books (sitting on the front floor) and holding guitar and newspaper (sitting on the back couch)

    A Message from Girl Up Co-Executive Directors

    This week in the United States, a record number of young people marched to the polls to vote in the midterm elections, sending a message that could not have been clearer: when young people are behind the wheel, change is made.

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  105. a graphic with a different color of skin woman holding a dollar bill

    French Women Will Work for Free

    This movement works to fight wage discrimination. Because of the differences in wages between women and men, from November 6, 2018, at 3:35 pm French women work for free.

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  106. a group hug picture with 4 different ethnic Girl Up girls

    Girls Attend the First-Ever Leadership Summit: United Kingdom

    The event hadn’t even started and I was already feeling a connection with all these women who were here because of a common goal: to fight for equality.

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  107. Girl Up and WWE Create Sports For A Purpose Programming

    The program will equip Girl Up’s girl leaders with tools and resources so that they can help tackle the gender-based barriers girls face to playing sports, including access to safe play spaces and sporting equipment.

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  108. a graphic design with a girl standing in the centre with glass on and genius bar circle around her

    Gender Imbalances in STEM Fields

    Why are there so few girls in STEM studies and even fewer women who pursue careers in STEM? Why are women in STEM so important? How can we change the narrative around women in STEM?

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  109. dream big princess

    Celebrities Join Forces with Renowned Athletes, Doctors, Scientists and More in Disney’s New #DreamBigPrincess Global Video Series

    The program will equip Girl Up’s girl leaders with tools and resources so that they can help tackle the gender-based barriers girls face to playing sports, including access to safe play spaces and sporting equipment.

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  110. girls in shanghai with 3 girls in the front and 3 men in the back holding the girl up flag

    Gender Equality: What Do Girls in Shanghai Say?

    We know we are not alone; the Girl Up community allows us to experience and feel supported by each other. It’s a small world where there are great and cohesive organizations that are concerned about gender issues.

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  111. a teen advisor sitting cross her leg and holding her hand up with her right hand

    The Sixth Grade STEMinist

    Behind each successful woman is an equally successful #girlhero. I was lucky enough to find my own sitting across from me in a poorly lit sixth grade science classroom.

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  112. a girl picture in front of with the cornfield

    A New School Year With Girl Up: What to Expect

    Being a member of Girl Up France means for me to concretely act for the feminist movement. It also means to have the credibility and the support of other girls to speak out about the fight for gender equality.

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  113. (girl sport) a brazil rugby women in their competition

    Girls are playing Rugby in Brazil!

    I would go to the field to play at the girls’ training to get to know Try Rugby, meet the girls who are venturing into this truculent sport and invite them to be part of Girl Up.

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  114. two Saudi women are holding their driver license in front of the car with big smiles

    Saudi Women Taking the Wheel

    On September 26, 2017 women all across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrated a triumph that was unforeseeable. For more than 50 years women were deprived of the right to drive within Saudi Arabia.

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  115. a group picture of girl up girls in front of the WiSci event board

    Camper Nana Kiria Shares Her WiSci Story

    When I heard about the WiSci Girls STEAM Camp, I thought that it was my chance. I thought it was the project I needed in my life. So, I applied and tried my best, and was so excited to be accepted to camp.

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  116. a group pictures with girls with a big smile on their face on their bicycle and helmet on

    SchoolCycle in Guatemala – Where Are We Now?

    As part of the SchoolCycle initiative, Girl Up teamed up with UNFPA to help increase the mobility and autonomy of adolescent girls in Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

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  117. a Chinese girl is sitting down on the metro seat, facing the camera and holding a sign "no harassment."

    Sexual Assault Awareness in China

    On 5th April 2018, an article went viral online. The author, Li Youyou, friend of Gao Yan, report on Douban that Nanking University professor Shen Yang had sexually assaulted Gao Yan and slander she was in mental disorder 20 years ago, resulted in her suicide.

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  118. Anitta, Brazilian singer on the stage and turn her head to face the crowd

    Anitta, a global hurricane made in Brazil!

    Since that time, she wanted to be an artist, rich and famous. Anitta’s mother says she was a great student, always wanting to be the number one. She had a comfortable childhood in an outskirts of Rio away from the favelas.

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  119. Rebekah Kennedy is running the marathon and she appears ahead of other women runners

    Double Power: Meet Two Runners for #TeamGirlUp

    I could use my love of running to make a difference in the lives of girls around the world spoke to my heart. I was nervous about the $1,000 fund raising minimum, I wasn’t sure if I could, but I was so drawn to Team Girl Up and decided I would do it. I ended up raising $1,000 in 2 weeks!

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  120. a colorful graphic design with different girls in different job positions

    Women Change the Face of Science Everyday

    According to the Guardian, in the UK, the percentage of female A-level physics students has stagnated at about 21% for the past decade and for computing the proportion of A-level students who are female is just 10%.

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  121. a girl is fixing her earring on her ear and looking up to the sky with a smile and the background is pink

    Meet the 2018 Team Strong

    Team Strong is a group of 6 passionate and dedicated Girl Up leaders who are leaders in strength and wellness in their communities.

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  122. 3 girls are sitting down on the couch on the stage and speaking with their mic on their hand

    At the Girl Up Leadership Summit With #TeamStrong

    As the Summit’s duration is only three and a half days, you find yourself wishing that it could go on for at least another week as there are just too many amazing people to meet!

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  123. Beza is speaking in front of the Podium and with her big smile on her face

    My WiSci Girls STEAM Camp Experience

    The 2018 WiSci Girls STEAM Camp in Namibia has taught me and other girls in here about different cultures, opinions and ways of understanding things.

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  124. two girls are looking the laptop and researching and a lady is looking at what they see in the laptop

    WiSci Camp Proved to Me that Girls Can Change the World

    There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.

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  125. Girl Up Announces Partnership with BNY Mellon with Aim to Close the Gender Gap in STEM

    he partnership programming will expose girls to STEM careers, as well as showcase female STEM role models to encourage girls to foster their interests in applying STEM solutions to real-world issues.

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  126. a woman on her feather dress in carnival festivity

    Sometimes All It Takes is a Roll of Tape

    We’re all guardians of the golden rule: dance like there’s no tomorrow! Unfortunately, this very same mood that makes it so incredibly fun sometimes puts women and girls at risk.

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  127. 4 women on the picture _women soccer team tigres Mexico teammates are happily giving each other group hug on the filed

    You Play Like a Woman!

    These two teams have provoked a hurricane of emotions, worldwide. And, Mexico is deeply passionate about its sports teams; the country fully stops when teams play.

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  128. a woman standing and speaking in front of a group of girl students who are sitting on the group listen to her at the school

    On World Menstrual Hygiene Day, Meeting My #GirlHero

    While in college, Soumya volunteered extensively in Ghana, South Africa, and in Haryana, India but found one common thread in all three: girls were skipping school while on their periods.

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  129. 4 girls of different ages and 3 girls showing their side face and one girl face directly to the camera

    Safe Spaces in Liberia and Beyond

    While I was in Liberia with Girl Up, I met dozens of girls who shared with me their passion for learning and their dreams for the future

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  130. Kate Hudson with other three girls have big smile on their face and wearing Fabletics has "girl almighty" on it

    Fabletics x Girl Up: Meet the Girl Up Leaders from Fabletics’ New Collection

    Fabletics’ new #GirlAlmighty capsule collection benefiting Girl Up, is inspired by Kate Hudson’s vision for Fabletics to be a fashion-focused activewear brand with the mission to empower women by making a healthy, active lifestyle accessible to everyone.

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  131. Kate Hudson's Fabletics Launches Girl Almighty Capsule Collection with Girl Up

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  132. a graphic with a different color of the body and their brain shows with graph and puzzle

    Teen Advisors Weigh in on Mental Health Awareness Month

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Girl Up Community is all about supporting health and wellness. Girl Up Teen Advisors and Club Leaders get real and share their thoughts on mental health, wellness, self-care, and self-love.

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  133. a girl with facial mask on her face and with her eyes close with other fruits circles around her head

    10 Tips for Self-Care You Can Do Today

    As a sophomore in college who takes 5 classes, works an internship and still tries to make time for her friends, life can get pretty stressful!

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  134. a group of different ethnic girl up girls pictures in the park wearing the t-shirt said "girls run the world"

    5 Reasons to Run the Global 5K for Girls in Liberia

    Girl Up’s Global 5k is a chance for girls (and guys!) from all over the world to help fundraise for girls’ empowerment programs in Liberia.

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  135. WiSci camp 4 girl up girls picture with big smile

    Girl Up Announces Second WiSci STEAM Camp this Summer

    Girl Up, in partnership with The US Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships, Google, and Intel, is announcing the 2018 WiSci Girls’ STEAM Camp held in Tbilisi, Georgia this August.

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  136. Munira Alimire teen adviser holding a mic and speaking behind the podium, in the front of the podium a sign "violence knows no borders"

    Teen Advisor Munira Shares What it’s Like to Speak on a Panel at CSW

    Solutions are impossible if they are not spearheaded by the people that it will impact

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  137. Lauren Teen Advisor crossing the road and smile for the picture

    Teen Advisors Weigh in on the State of Gender Equality for #IWD2018

    International Women’s Day is the perfect occasion to honor all the strides forward made by women in the past year.

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  138. a group of Girl Up girls holding SDGs sign at the girl up event

    5 Stories of Progress for SDG 5 on #WomensDay

    This #WomensDay, we’re highlighting the stories of amazing girl leaders from Nebraska to Rwanda who are making progress for SDG 5 to help achieve gender equality and empower girls and women across the globe.

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  139. 4 Girl Up girls picture with a district meeting

    Advocacy How-To: Rocking an In-District Meeting

    On October 3, 2017 the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 2408 with unanimous consent. We’re now asking supporters to contact their Senators to ensure S. 1580 passes the U.S. Senate.

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  140. women march a girl holding a sign: "You see a girl, we see the future."

    Girl Up Takes on the Women's March

    This weekend, on the anniversary of the world’s largest march for women’s rights, Girl Up Club members and others in our community raised their voices and stood up for what they believe in.

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  141. a woman holding a sign "Feminism back by popular demand"

    5 Ways to Up Your Feminist Game in 2018

    Women from different ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds joined together to reignite the feminist flame. that had appeared to have died out.

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  142. No Going Back: Rescinding DACA is a Step Back for Girls in the U.S.

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